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Advent 2022

1st Week of Lent Reflection

Good News we are on the wining team as we begin our Lenten journey!


Last month in his homily at our men's group Mass Fr. Bill Brown O.M.V., brought us back to the schoolyard where we would be waiting to be picked by the team captains for whatever game was to be played during recess. That was a stressful time (at least for me it was) hoping to get picked somewhere in the middle any place but last. Then Fr. Bill told us great news, that Jesus wants us to be on his team. Imagine the King of Kings chooses us. Wow.

Okay now that we know whose team, we’re on it's time to get ready. We have 40 days! Our game plan is prayer, fasting and Alms giving, but how do we know how much to do? The answer to that is we don't. So, we can begin by asking the Lord what he has in mind for us.

Sometimes it's hard to hear his voice but there are some things that we can do to help us learn how to hear it. Fr. Michael Scanlon T.O.R. wrote a book called appointment with God in which she shares the necessity to have a consistent daily prayer time. Lent is an ideal time to put this into practice. Fr. Mike recommends making that appointment at the same time and same place each day. For those of you who do this already, you know well the benefits. For those of you who do not, I would recommend starting to do it but to start very small. If you're a morning person that may be the best time for you. If you're a night owl maybe the best time for you is in the wee hours. Whatever works for you is fine it's just important to be consistent. If it's new to you I would suggest starting with no more than 10 minutes a day. If you stick with it, I know you will find that you’ll want to spend more and more time with Jesus. There are lots of prayer formulas. If you have found one that works for you, stick with it. If not here's a suggestion.

  1. Begin by thanking God for all those things that you almost grateful for! Be specific.

  2. Think of the last 24 hours and see how you have fallen short. Don't beat yourself up, just ask the Lord to help you in those areas.

  3. Be silent and let the Lord speak to your heart.

  4. Lift up to the Lord any special intentions you may have for yourself or for those that you love.

  5. Finish by praying the Our Father, really concentrating on what the words mean.


God wants us to be Saints, and we can by his Grace!! 

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